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[Closed] Changelog  

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version 1.2.0

- NEW: Exposable node variables. Added possibility to expose node variables of type FRVariable to FlowReactorComponent for direct scene access without using blackboards.

- NEW: Blackboard variables can now be drag and dropped on to node variable fields

- NEW: Added NodeUtilityModules for implementing additional features like FRNodeControllable and FRNodeEventDispatcher.
- NEW: Added INodeControllable interface. Control Monobehaviour scripts from nodes. (FRNodeControllable module)
- NEW: Added FlowReactorNodeControllable example script which can be assigned to node controlled objects in FlowReactorComponent.
- NEW: Added FRNodeEventDispatcher, simply raise FlowReactor events from your custom nodes.
- NEW: Added new generic enum type (FREnum). See API documentation for usage.
- NEW: Added clickable graph navigation to large labels on canvas
- NEW: Added possibility to create a new blackboard variable and link it to a node variable from the variable link popup menu

- NEW: Added stackable inspectors for displaying different inspectors at the same time.
- NEW: Added colored bar to inspectors for better differentiation
- NEW: Added possibility to change node title. Existing custom nodes must be updated: In DrawGUI add: base.DrawGUI(nodeData.title, _id, _graph, _editorSkin);
- NEW: Node title and description ui elements are inside a foldout to gain space.

- NEW: Blackboard variables which are connected to selected node are being highlighted.

- NEW: New favorite list for nodes. Favor nodes for faster access.
- NEW: API: Added OnNodeDisable to node class. OnNodeDisable is called by the FlowReactorComponent OnDisable
- NEW: API: Added GetExposableVariable to FlowReactorComponent.
- NEW: API: Added [SceneObjectOnly] variable attribute to mark node FRVariables to allow only scene objects (no prefabs).
- NEW: Added graph updater which updates graphs accordingly to version changes
- NEW: Added new API demo scene for node modules explanation
- NEW: Added assembly definition support. See documentation for correct implementation.
- NEW: Added MoveTo coroutine node.
- NEW: Added StopAllCoroutines node. Stops all running coroutine nodes in a graph.

- Changed: Improved group behaviour. New nodes added to existing group needs to be specifically added to a group with context menu.
- Changed: Changed FRVariables to support direct exposing. Please change your custom FRVariable types accordingly to make sure they work when exposed.
- Changed: Renamed methods GetValue and SetValue in FlowReactorComponent to: GetOverrideVariable and SetOverrideVariable
- Changed: Added possibility to compare collider with tag on OnTrigger and OnCollision nodes

- Bugfix: Fixed rare bug where blackboard scene overrides would loose values (serialization issue)
- Bugfix: Nodes are now assigned to one group only and can't be moved by other intersecting groups.
- Bugfix: Fixed bug: If mousepointer crosses an output of any node while resizing a group it will stop resizing and start to draw new connection
- Bugfix: Fixed splines looping strangely when nodes are too close
- Bugfix: Fixed OnIntChanged wrong variable type
- Bugfix: Fixed On Int/Float/Bool Changed not unsubscribing from OnValueChanged
- Bugfix: Fixed issue not being able to drag prefabs to blackboard gameobject variables when in graph
- Bugfix: Fixed issue when copy/paste nodes with variables connected to blackboards, new copied node variables won't get added to the blackboard connected nodes list.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue when coroutine node gets executed again before coroutine has finished. (Stop coroutine before executing new)
- Bugfix: Fixed issue when dragging new connection from node output too fast, nodepanel window would not stay open.

!!!!!!!! Breaking changes !!!!!!!!
Due to the newly introduced FRVariable exposing feature you will probably have to update your custom FRVariable types.
This should be fairly easy to do. Simply have a look at an existing FRVariable type like the FRString.
If you have custom nodes please change following line in the DrawGUI method from:
base.DrawGUI("MyNode", _id, _graph, _editorSkin);
base.DrawGUI(nodeData.title, _id, _graph, _editorSkin);


version 1.1.1

- NEW: Added new powerful flow node which can run flows in different modes: sequential, parallel, single, random or weight based random.

- NEW: Added camera follow graph to CharacterController demo.
- NEW: Added support for custom FRVariable attributes, for custom GUI drawing.
- NEW: Added FRFloatRange + FRIntRange variable attributes to draw a slider with min, max value.
- NEW: Added remove button to every variable in blackboard for faster variable removal.
- NEW: Added left mouse button + left Alt panning

- Bugfix: internal nodes are now hidden from node panel
- Bugfix: fixed bug where nodes with more than one output are being collapsed to a wrong height.
- Bugfix: fixed bug where node creation would fail if a script with same name exists.
- Bugfix: fixed rare null ref exception when using blackboard scene overrides.

- Changed: Removed obsolete Draw methods in FRVariable: Draw(bool _allowSceneObject) and Draw() please use Draw(bool _allowSceneObject, object[] _attributes) and Draw(Rect _rect) instead.



version 1.1

- NEW: Nodes can now be expanded to show FRVariable types including attribute gui decorators.
- NEW: New coroutine node support
- NEW: New Node wizard to support coroutine nodes
- NEW: Added option in settings to set expanded nodes as default.
- NEW: Added two new shortcuts to expand and collapse nodes. Works on all or only on selected nodes
- NEW: Added HideInNode FRVariable attribute to hide variables in nodes
- NEW: Added VariableGroup FRVariable attribute to group variables in nodes
- NEW: Added coroutine node color to default colors in settings
- NEW: Added methods: AddOutput(); and RemoveOutput(); must be used to make sure expanded nodes have correct height.
- NEW: Added new node attribute which takes a string array to define node outputs

- Bugfix wait node gui draws progress bar even if not active
- Bugfix click in minimap resets zoom
- Bugfix node inspector not updating variable fields
- Bugfix removed script field in default node inspector
- Bugfix guilayout scope.finalize() error when selecting a node
- Bugfix frvariable connected to blackboards not showing blackboard values.
- Bugfix node runtime editor highlighting stays as long as node is active
- Bugfix removed new blackboard and new evenboard button from graph inspector.
- Bugfix null reference exception when user removes blackboard from graph and node variables are still connected to it.
- Bugfix error indication not being resetted in graph.
- Bugfix better automatic node alignment

version 1.0.2p1

- New: Added simple ToDo node. Create trello like task nodes
- New: Possibility to pan graph with ALT + right mouse button

- Bugfix: Fixed occasional canvas jittering
- Bugfix: Fixed FRVariables returning exception error when not ready (deserialized)
- Bugfix: Fixed custom node gui elements not selectable when node inspector is open
- Bugfix: Fixed disconnecting output of event node resulted in active spline.


- Updated TheLab (1.01) demo with new installation instructions and fixed missing prefabs


version 1.0.1

- New: Added MoveTowards node
- New: Added SetParent node
- New: Added AnchoredPosition option in DOSequence node
- New: Added method CallEventByName to eventboard
- New: Added method GetVariableByName to blackboard
- New: Added API demo
- New: Added stack trace to error log message

- Bugfix: Fixed disappearing int values in blackboard (hidden)

version 1.0p3
- New: Added possibility to change blackboard variable name field width size.

- Changed: Blackboard variable selection box is larger now.
- Changed: Create sub-graph hotkey has been changed to CTRL + ALT + S to prevent collision with save hotkey

- Bugfix: Node inspector not being cleared when deleting node.
- Bugfix: FRInt can't have negative values.
- Bugfix: Assigning new blackboard did not refresh blackboard list. Resulting in modifying old blackboard.
- Bugfix: Blackboard add new variable list not sorted by name.
- Bugfix: Copy pasting node several times overlaps last node.
- Bugfix: Wrong variable value in node inspector when selecting different but same type of node. (Node inspector not being refreshed)

version 1.0p2

- Bugfix: Fixed build support when using Il2cpp backend and AOT platforms
- Bugfix: Fixed node appear on wrong position when zoom level is not 1:1
- Bugfix: Fixed node copy bug, outputs have no labels after copying

version 1.0p1

- New: Added split node for splitting one flow sequence into two.
- Bugfix: Fixed weird click behaviour because of hidden minimap "eating" mouse inputs
- Bugfix: Not possible to assign game object to blackboard scene override.

version 1.0

- Initial Release


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